Welcome to the Bioinformatics and Databases Lab at ITU. Our team consists of graduate and undergraduate research students and faculty mostly from Computer Science Department. However, due to the interdisciplinary nature of our research, we also collaborate with researchers from other domains, such as biology, genetics, and medicine. At a high level, our lab performs research in two major domains as summarized below.

Bioinformatics: We develop computational models and automated analysis methods for biological data. In particular, we focus on biochemical interactions (enzyme-enzyme and enzyme-metabolite) and metabolomics.

Data mining, data management, databases: We develop data mining and management algorithms to automatically predict variety of data pieces in diverse applications that range from predicting high impact scientific papers to mining graph and text patterns in biomedical databases. 


Positions Available!

We are looking for graduate and undergraduate students to participate in various research projects! Candidates with good programming and analytical thinking skills are encouraged to apply. Research assistantship with TUBITAK/TUSEB support is available for qualified promising graduate students. Please submit your application by clicking here.